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Nobaton Laboratory: How does Fruit Acid Whiten Teeth?

Fruit acid, an organic acid extracted from fruits, exists in various natural fruits or yogurt, serving as an effective, natural, and environmentally-friendly ingredient. It is due to its special biological...

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Oral Cell Renewal Technology in Next-Generation Toothpaste

In our daily lives, we often hear about the importance of oral health. But did you know that toothpaste can do more than just clean teeth? It can also repair...

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What Toothpaste Is Best For Whitening Teeth

Have you been plagued by yellow or black teeth? An addiction to foods and drinks that contain dark pigmentation, such as tea, coffee, and milk tea, results in yellow teeth...

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What Are Fruit Acids

Maybe you've heard of fruit acids,but do you really know about it? Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are weak organic acids extracted from fruits. AHAs are effective components in a variety...

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How Does Whitening Toothpaste Work

White teeth are highly desirable. To meet the needs, toothpastes claiming to whiten teeth sprung up. However, not all whitening toothpastes fulfill the asserted functions, while some indeed whiten your teeth but...

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