Nobaton Laboratory: How does Fruit Acid Whiten Teeth?

Nobaton Laboratory: How does Fruit Acid Whiten Teeth?

Fruit acid, an organic acid extracted from fruits, exists in various natural fruits or yogurt, serving as an effective, natural, and environmentally-friendly ingredient. It is due to its special biological features and environmental friendliness that Nobaton uses fruit acid as the brand's core technical ingredient.

According to Nobaton's experimental research and data, fruit acid is 15 times more effective in whitening teeth than such conventional whitening ingredients as baking soda and pearl essence. The precise addition of 1% fruit acid, whitening teeth without damaging the oral ecosystem, can gently resolute the problems in yellow and black teeth. Fruit acid dissolves the food pigmentation and dental plaque on teeth surfaces, peels off the soft scale and tartar on teeth, reveals fresh enamel, and thus cleans and brightens teeth surfaces. Among various fruit acids with specific efficacy and biological features, Nobaton selects malic acid extracted from apples and grapes as the active ingredients, which not only whiten teeth but also facilitate the absorption of other nutrients by teeth and oral cavity, especially calcium. Much more soluble than calcium carbonate, calcium malate is an excellent calcium source that features strong bioactivity and can be easily absorbed by human body.

Ensuring an appropriate proportion of fruit acid added and sustaining the activity of fruit acid have been the bottlenecks in research conducted by Nobaton's researchers. However, they made it. The precise 1% share is a reasonable figure calculated on the basis of various clinical trials, including multiple blends and comparisons, tests on people, and gentleness measurement. Given the oxidizability of malic acid, the excessive exposure to the air will lead to a loss of the effective activity of malic acid. However, it is difficult for conventional toothpaste packages to maintain fruit acid's activity and efficacy after opening. Inspired by ampoules for skincare products, Nobaton solves the problem of inactivation through package. The special ampoule package in a small size ensures a moderate amount available for a week. Such ampoules can prevent fruit acids from being oxidized and losing the activity and maximize the toothpaste's efficacy. In small bottles, the toothpaste can be used independently by family members to prevent cross infection. The small bottles also support the portability of the toothpaste.

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