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Caviar diamond box set

Caviar diamond box set

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  • Physical friction with nano-sized diamond powder.
  • Accelerates cell renewal and prevents oral aging.
  • Dissolves plaque on the surface of the teeth and evens out the color.

Cells are a key factor in oral health
Healthy mouth, oral cells are generally 1-2 weeks to update once, each time to update 200 million cell tissues. Due to life stress and dietary habits and other factors, can lead to cavity cell renewal cycle and cell renewal number of disorders, this metabolic slowdown in the emergence of oral ulcers, periodontal disease and other oral diseases. Based on the research findings, Dr. Alfred Corey uses luxury ingredients, legendary minerals, and multi-skin to solve the problem of damaged oral cells, and develops the oral cell renewal healing care program that is popular in the circle of European and American noblewomen and celebrities.

Caviar Diamond Teeth Whitening Treatment
Physical friction + bio-acid whitens teeth with dual action.
Caviar Diamond Toothpaste+Caviar Cell Repair Solution whitens the surface of the teeth while accelerating the renewal of oral cell metabolism, initiating the whitening and stabilizing dual source power. With Caviar Diamond Toothpaste: deep cleaning, whitening and brightening teeth. Then use Caviar Oral Care to: promote cell renewal and metabolism and stabilize oral ecology. Maximum teeth whitening at minimum cost! A hospital-grade dental treatment, the teeth whitening program of choice.

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Oral Whitening Luxury SPA For Your Mouth

  • Physical whitening + biological whitening: dissolves plaque and polishes teeth. Addresses blemish darkness due to foreign hyperpigmentation.
  • Caviar + plant peptides: promote cell metabolism, repair damaged stem cells. Solve the problem of cellular aging and cellular renewal disorders in the oral cavity.
  • Stem Cell Defense

    Repair damaged oral stem cells, maintain stable oral condition and enhance oral immunity.

  • Stem Cell Activation

    Activates stem cell autophagy, removes zombie cells, accelerates renewal metabolism, and remodels the immune barrier in 7 days.

  • Cellular Function

    Targets cellular energy depletion, boosts cellular energy, and reduces oral problems associated with "oral aging".

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Mia Jones

After using it, I can noticeably see a brighter shade to my teeth, along with an improvement in overall oral cleanliness.


Not only does it leave my mouth feeling fresh, but it has noticeably whitened my teeth after use. The formula is incredibly gentle, causing no gum sensitivity, while excelling in oral hygiene.


This luxury-grade whitening toothpaste is simply astonishing!

Abigail Garcia

Highly recommend it to anyone seeking an effective whitening toothpaste.

Amelia Patel

Beyond its satisfying aesthetics, this toothpaste offers long-lasting protection, rejuvenating teeth with a healthy glow from the inside out.