• Brand

    Nobaton Toothpaste, born in the USA, was originally crafted to perfect the smiles of Hollywood stars. Its unique formula delivers remarkable teeth whitening effects, causing a sensation in the celebrity world.

  • Concepts

    Nobadon Toothpaste specializes in natural ingredients for oral health. It comes in a unique ampoule design for independence and safety. We are committed to hygiene and environmental awareness to bring you a fresh toothpaste experience.

  • Ingredient

    The secret of toothpaste lies in its unique natural ingredients, such as fruit acids, biopeptides, or premium caviar extract, among others. Through meticulous scientific formulation, it brings the miracle of a bright and fresh smile.


1% Fruit Acid

1.Dissolve food pigmentation and plaque on teeth surfaces
2. Peel off soft scale and tartar from teeth
3. Reveal fresh enamel and keep teeth clean and bright
4. Maintain healthy oral environment



2% Frankincense

1. Deep teeth cleaning keeps refreshing your mouth
2. Remove odors and freshen your breath
3. Balance oral microflora and stabilize oral health
4. Maintain healthy oral environment



5% HAP

1.Effectively enhance effciency of tooth remineralization
2.Smooth cracks and plug damaged enamel
3.Boost teeth frmness

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