what toothpaste is best for whitening teeth

What Toothpaste Is Best For Whitening Teeth

Have you been plagued by yellow or black teeth? An addiction to foods and drinks that contain dark pigmentation, such as tea, coffee, and milk tea, results in yellow teeth and uneven teeth colors. Teeth stained by cigarettes for years make you feel too embarrassed to grin in social occasions and tarnish your image. However, many whitening toothpastes are unsatisfactory, either ineffective or harmful to teeth. Ordinary toothpastes, mainly composed of foaming agents and silica powder, are ineffective against teeth stains but sensitize teeth. Tooth powder damages tooth enamel for the violent friction against teeth. Toothpastes with high-concentration acids are not suitable for long-term use as the high-degree acids will erode teeth, irritate gums and tooth enamel, and sensitize teeth. Toothpastes with other whitening ingredients usually underperform.

Is there a toothpaste effectively whitening teeth without damaging them and which is the best for teeth whitening? The answer is the Nobaton 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid ampoule toothpaste. Fruit acids are added to the Nobaton toothpaste for teeth whitening, 15 times more effective than such conventional whitening ingredients as baking soda and pearl essence. An addition of 1% fruit acid helps effectively whiten teeth and get rid of yellow and black teeth without damaging the oral ecosystem. Effects can be seen within a minimum of 7 days. Olaflur that boosts tooth enamel and prevents tooth decay is also added to avoid dental erosion. The special ampoule bottle package of the toothpaste can preserve the activity of the components, prevent fruit acids from being oxidized and losing the activity, and maximize the toothpaste's efficacy. In small bottles, the toothpaste can be used independently by family members to prevent cross infection. The small bottles also support the portability of the toothpaste.

The Nobaton brand has gained in popularity among Hollywood actors and actresses for its stress on oral care with moderate ingredients. The 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid ampoule toothpaste has become a necessity for celebrities in Hollywood before they go on camera.


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