how does whitening toothpaste work

How Does Whitening Toothpaste Work

White teeth are highly desirable. To meet the needs, toothpastes claiming to whiten teeth sprung up. However, not all whitening toothpastes fulfill the asserted functions, while some indeed whiten your teeth but at the same time damage your tooth enamel.

So how do whitening toothpastes whiten teeth? According to the whitening principles, whitening ingredients in such toothpastes can be divided into two major categories, namely physical abrasives and chemical agents.

Physically whitening toothpastes remove stains on tooth surface by using a large number of physical abrasives that strengthen the friction with toothpastes. Common physical abrasives include calcium carbonate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, Hydrated silica, aluminum hydroxide, and so on. As one of the core ingredients in toothpastes, abrasives will be used in ordinary toothpastes but heavily added to whitening toothpastes. An overdose or the use of improper abrasives will lead to tooth enamel decay, coarsen and scratch tooth surface, and even sensitize teeth.

Chemically whitening toothpastes depend on peroxides, commonly known as hydrogen peroxide (the whitening principle of cold light teeth whitening). An addition of hydrogen peroxide in certain concentrations can help effectively whiten teeth. However, chemicals-based whitening is not the safest option as it causes irreversible damage to tooth enamel and make teeth sensitivity-prone and fragile.

The Nobaton fruit acid toothpaste that is popular among Hollywood celebrities uses moderate ingredients like fruit acids to whiten teeth. Such components excel at whitening teeth without harming tooth enamel. The product applies 1% fruit acid to dissolve food pigmentation and stains on teeth surface and remove soft scale and dental stones, equipping you with fresh tooth enamel and shinning teeth. Meanwhile, fruit acids facilitate teeth's absorption of calcium. The added Olaflur provides a protective film of fluoride for teeth to resist the impact of food pigments and bacteria. The special ampoule bottle package helps preserve the freshness of fruit acids to the greatest extent. Therefore, Nobaton 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid ampoule toothpaste is definitely the best choice for teeth whitening.

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