Nobaton Laboratory: What is Tooth Reducing Agent?

Nobaton Laboratory: What is Tooth Reducing Agent?

Tooth reducing agent is an original compound developed by the Nobaton Laboratory. Consulting a great deal of scientific literature and conducting a number of clinical trials and comparisons, formulators in the laboratory found that Olaflur is one of the effective fluoride preparations. Compared with other fluorides, Olaflur demonstrates special surface activity and has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic components, which enable Olaflur to better adhere to teeth surfaces instead of being washed off by saliva. Therefore, Olaflur is remarkably helpful in boosting teeth remineralization.

On this basis, formulators and relevant researchers in the laboratory integrated their specialized knowledge and practical experiences into hundreds of experiments in over three years, successfully achieving the tooth reducing agent, a brand-new composite of Olaflur, amino acid, protein, minerals, and other components. Once touching the teeth, the tooth reducing agent will firmly adhere to teeth surfaces, rapidly diffuse across the oral cavity, coat each tooth, and penetrate into tooth crevices to deeply clean all neglected corners of your teeth, inhibit acid produced from bacterial metabolism, and reduce dental plaque. Meanwhile, Olaflur in the tooth reducing agent can reduce enamel solubility and boost its remineralization, thus repairing tiny caries to some extent. Such nutrients as amino, protein, and minerals in the tooth reducing agent help shore up nutrition of the oral cavity and teeth, maintain oral health, and provide a protective film for teeth surfaces against bacteria and food pigmentation. Formulators added this newly developed component into toothpaste in scientific proportion to produce a new advanced toothpaste formula. As a result, Nobaton ampoule toothpaste specializing in oral care through effective ingredients was born. The Nobaton 1% Alpha Hydroxy Acid ampoule toothpaste based on a specialized formula of fruit acid and tooth reducing agent is so popular among Hollywood celebrities that it becomes a necessity for them before they go on camera.

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