Nobaton Laboratory: How do Tooth Reducing Agent and Fruit Acid Function Together?

Nobaton Laboratory: How do Tooth Reducing Agent and Fruit Acid Function Together?

After developing the tooth reducing agent and finding the bionic acid activity of hydroxy acid, the founder of Nobaton attempted to integrate these two to work out a new toothpaste formula system. With concerted efforts of Nobaton's founder, researchers, and formulators for a half year, a brand-new advanced formula based on a perfect match between the tooth reducing agent and fruit acid was available, namely 1%Alpha Hydroxy Acid ampoule toothpaste. This product, known as "toothpaste for shining red carpet smiles", is ardently loved by Hollywood celebrities for its powerful teeth whitening effects.

Fruit acids, which are organic acids extracted from fruits, are effective components in a variety of natural fruits and yogurt. In their studies of bionic acids, Nobaton's founders and researchers found that fruit acids, appropriately added to toothpaste, do no harm to teeth and are 15 times more effective in whitening teeth than such whitening ingredients as baking soda and pearl essence. Fruit acids can also facilitate teeth's absorption of calcium and other nutrients. The fruit acid used in Nobaton toothpastes is malic acid extracted from apples and grapes. Much more soluble than calcium carbonate, calcium malate is an excellent calcium source that features strong bioactivity and can be easily absorbed by human body.

The tooth reducing agent is a composite of Olaflur, amino acid, protein, minerals, and other components produced by Nobaton Laboratory. The biggest challenges facing Nobaton during their studies of the formula were the control of accurate proportions of ingredients as well as the special physical features of the components. After testing heaps of blends and trying various scientific and technological tools, the laboratory successfully worked out the match between malic acid and tooth reducing agent in perfect proportion, amazingly synchronizing teeth whitening and caries repair. The precise 1% fruit acid dissolves the food pigmentation and dental plaque on teeth surfaces, peels off the soft scale and tartar on teeth, reveals fresh enamel, and thus cleans and brightens teeth surfaces. The fruit acid also boosts the remineralization of fluorinion in the tooth reducing agent, gradually repairs the damaged enamel, accelerates the absorption of other beneficial nutrients by teeth and oral cavity, and benefits oral and teeth health.

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